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Europe, Webinars | June 26, 2019
Webinar 14 – Sara Giorgi – Evaluation Policy cycle and Complexity
Title: How to improve the evaluation of complex systems to improve policy-making Speaker: Sara Giorgi, Independent Research Consultant & Evaluator Webinar #14 of the Energy Evaluation Academy, in partnership with Leonardo Energy. Evaluation is intended to provide policy makers and practitioners with feedback and recommendations to improve policy making and implementation. The success of an evaluation and the impact of its findings hinges on the way policy makers and practitioners are involved in and perceive the evaluation process. The more complex the policy, the more challenging this relationship becomes. Based on the practical example of analysing the evaluation of the Defra’s Reward & Recognition Scheme (RRF), this webinar will explore research insights around these topics: > Evaluation experiences and challenges; > Relationship between evaluation and policy-making especially looking at the policy cycle; and >The understanding and potential use of complexity in policymaking. The end goal being to unpack how to better conduct evaluations of complex systems and improve evidence-backed policymaking focusing on the UK context but, hopefully, offering lessons that can be extrapolated across other European contexts and to various policy fields.
Europe, Webinars | June 22, 2016
Webinar #3: Can Europe deliver on energy efficiency?
Can Europe deliver on energy efficiency? Investigating the effectiveness of Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. Webinar #2 of the Energy Evaluation Academy.
Europe, Webinars | March 15, 2016
Webinar #1: Introduction to Evaluation and the role of IEPPEC
Introduction to Evaluation and the role of IEPPEC. Webinar #1 of the Energy Evaluation Academy.