Europe, Webinars | May 30, 2018

Evaluating energy efficiency policies: new online resources to share knowledge and experience

Webinar #8 of the Energy Evaluation Academy. Speakers: Barbara Schlomann, Barbara Breitschopf (Fraunhofer ISI), Jean-Sébastien Broc (IEECP) .

View the recordings of the webinar here.

Download the slides here.

Experience sharing about evaluation practices for energy efficiency policies is limited due to lack of time for stakeholders to disseminate or document evaluation activities. Front-runners publish their work in journals or conferences, but most of evaluation activities remain in national language and are difficult to find.

This webinar presents new online resources developed by the European project EPATEE to make knowledge and experience more easily available: a Knowledge Base including and a set of case studies.

The webinar also discusses stakeholders’ needs about evaluation practices.