The Kathleen Gaffney Prize

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Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director at the IEA launches the Kathleen Gaffney Prize

Kathleen Gaffney was a friend, mentor, and colleague to many energy and climate professionals across the world. Kathleen’s career was focused on advancing the global energy transition, where she worked tirelessly across multiple organisations, inspiring many along the way. 

To commemorate her professional legacy, Kathleen’s friends and colleagues have established the Kathleen Gaffney Prize, to provide development opportunities to young energy evaluation professionals. 

The Prize was first launched at the Energy Evaluation Europe conference in September 2022. A fund has been established to support the Prize, with Information on how to donate available here. It was hoped that EUR 15,000 can be raised In order to sustain the prize and ensure an extended commemoration of Kathleen’s professional legacy (to date, EUR 12,060 has been donated).
Energy Evaluation Europe will contribute EUR 500 annually, plus free registration for the duration of the prize.
The Prize recognised the young professionals who have submitted the most insightful paper for consideration as part of the biennial Energy Evaluation Europe Conference.
Prize recipient was awarded a grant for attending the European conference and present their work.
The Prize, nominees had to:

  • Have between 1-5 years of experience in energy evaluation (maximum 35 years of age);
  • Prepare and submit a paper on energy program evaluation in accordance with Energy Evaluation requirements; and
  • Be willing and available to attend and present their paper at an Energy Evaluation Europe conference

Prize winners were decided by a selection panel comprising Energy Evaluation Europe organisers and representatives from organisations where Kathleen worked, including DNV GL, Guidehouse and the International Energy Agency (TBC).
The top 3 nominees for the Prize, were judged by the selection panel, they also gained access to an extensive network of energy professionals who worked alongside Kathleen. This network will be available to provide advice and guidance to these young professionals to assist in their research and early career.

The recipient of the 2024 award will have the chance to present their research at the biannual European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE) Summer Study, with all associated expenses covered. Preference will be given to female candidates from the Global South. To apply for this prize, please submit a 250-word summary of your work to, detailing why you believe it is important to share your research with the global energy efficiency community. The application deadline is March 31, 2024.

Kathleen (centre-left) and the Energy Evaluation Planning Committee for the 2020 Conference
First Kathleen Gaffney Prize award ceremony at EEE conference 2022
First Kathleen Gaffney Prize winner at EEE conference 2022

Look out for the Kathleen Gaffney Prize in future conferences, and if you would like to join our group in the meantime, please contact