About Energy Evaluation Asia-Pacific

Energy Evaluation Asia-Pacific supports everyone involved in energy policy. The EEAP community will build capacity and share experience across the region to deliver more effective policies and programmes.

Energy Evaluation Asia-Pacific (EEAP) is a community supporting the evaluation of energy policy and programs. We welcome policy-makers, evaluators, academics and energy professionals to get involved in a dialogue about how best to conduct evaluation to ensure good decision-making and the wise investment of resources.

Countries across the Asia-Pacific region are working to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and to deliver reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in line with their Nationally Determined Commitments. As well as supporting these goals energy policy and programmes aim to meet the triple aims of affordable energy for all, energy security and reducing pollution. Evaluation is essential to developing effective policy and to understanding the impacts of policy and program implementation.

EEAP takes a leadership role in developing the resources and professional expertise to directly answer complex questions including:

  • Which actions pay off?
  • How can programs and policies be improved?
  • What actions can be sustainable, scalable, and security enhancing?

EEAP helps to bring together people involved in energy evaluation across the Asia-Pacific region through:

  • Our online resources; particularly the rich database of past papers generated by the communities in North America and Europe.
  • Webinars; focusing on particular aspects of energy evaluation
  • Events; particularly our conference every two years in Asia