Europe, Webinars | February 21, 2017

Evaluation Measurement & Verification (EM&V) – Overview of Best Practices for Europe

Webinar #5 of the Energy Evaluation Academy. Speaker: Kathleen Gaffney (Navigant).

View the recordings of the webinar here.

Download the slides here.

Now that the European Commission’s ‘winter package’ has been released, it is critical to consider the potential for a radically different EM&V regime for Europe – i.e., one that can ensure that Member States are delivering real savings through 2020 (and beyond).

This webinar provides a ‘refresher course’ to those with a basic understanding of EM&V methods and focus on a few best practices examples including EM&V methodologies for efficiency obligation schemes, white certificate schemes, and voluntary measures. Participants will learn what types of EM&V might work best within different policy contexts, regulatory drivers and other constraints (e.g., data availability).