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Asia, Europe, Webinars | April 1, 2021
EEAP Webinar: Energy Efficiency for Developing Countries: Pivoting the Focus from Savings to Increased Outputs
Much of the analysis of energy efficiency investments has focused on energy savings. But for developing countries, the value of energy efficiency arguably lies more in the additional goods and services that energy efficiency can generate to raise standards of living. This webinar will discuss how to adapt economic analysis to capture this different perspective.
Asia, Europe, Online Articles, Presentations, Webinars | November 19, 2020
Integrated Evaluation for the Energy Transition
Watch it here! Energy Evaluation Org are pleased to present an exclusive presentation on Integrated Evaluation for the Energy Transition featuring Kevin Cooney. Kevin owns Buka Energy Strategies and is a key member of Energy Evaluation, sitting on our Board of Trustees. Today Kevin takes us through the Energy Transition needed to reduce greenhouse […]
Asia, Europe, Webinars | October 9, 2019
Webinar #15: US DOE’s Uniform Methods Project
Overview of the US DOE’s Uniform Methods Project that develops protocols for determining energy savings from energy efficiency programmes
Asia, Europe, Webinars | April 30, 2019
Webinar #13: Energy Program and Policy Evaluation Capacity Building in the Asia Pacific
Overview of evaluation capacity building in EE in the Asia Pacific region, and key topics of EEAP’s Second Evaluation Conference (held in Bangkok in October 2019)