Asia, Presentations, Webinars | June 14, 2024

On June 7, 2024, Energy Evaluation Asia Pacific organized its 11th webinar during the gLOCAL2024 evaluation week, focusing on the important topics of Transforming the Way We Measure Clean Energy Transitions.  The webinar featured two speakers; Michael Williamson, Section Chief Energy Division, United Nations ESCAP and Divya Gaur, Program Lead, Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), India.

Michael provided an overview of the Asia-Pacific region’s progress on SDG7 for clean and affordable energy access. He provided an update on how we are tracking against SDG7 targets, and offered insights on approaches to high-level measurement, the emerging opportunities and the challenges in evaluating SDG7 targets. Divya shared an innovative project from India evaluating renewable energy’s impact on livelihoods. The project used indicators for affordability, productivity, and gender equality across large, medium, and micro-scale projects.

The discussions underscored the importance of measuring the broader impact of clean energy transitions, going beyond energy and carbon savings, and assessing the social, economic, and environmental benefits and challenges of clean energy initiatives.


    1. Michael Williamson, Section Chief Energy Division, United Nations ESCAP, Evaluating SDG 7 progress in Asia and the Pacific


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