Asia, Online Articles, Presentations, Webinars | March 29, 2024

Energy Evaluation in Asia Pacific: Latest Updates

On March 20, 2024, Energy Evaluation Asia Pacific (EEAP) hosted its 3rd webinar session, focusing on “Evaluation of SDG7 Policies and Programs in Asia Pacific.” This engaging webinar featured two esteemed speakers from South Asia: Fayyaz Ahmed, MEL Coordinator at Mercy Corps from Pakistan, and Sadeep Acharya, Managing Director of Jalpadevi Auto Repairing Center Pvt. Ltd from Nepal.

Fayyaz’s presentation delved into evaluating SDG 7 at the policy level, drawing insights from policy briefs supporting the UN High-Level Political Forum 2023. Sadeep shed light on the challenges and opportunities in tracking energy access in remote areas of Nepal.

The webinar served as a valuable platform for knowledge-sharing on policymaking to achieve the SDG7 goal of universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy by 2030. It also underscored the importance of balancing innovation, collaboration, and continuous evaluation in the journey towards sustainable energy solutions. This document encapsulates the key discussion points from the webinar.


  1. “Evaluating SDG7 at the Policy Level”- Fayyaz Ahmed, MEL Coordinator at Mercy Corps, Pakistan 
  2. “Challenges and Opportunities in Tracking Energy Access in Remote Areas” – Sadeep Acharya, Managing Director, Jalpadevi Auto Repairing Center Pvt. Ltd