On June 26th, Energy Evaluation Europe hosted its fourth Lunch and Learn session online. For this intense and interesting discussion Joel Franklin (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and EEE Planning Committee member) welcomed esteemed panelists Gesche Huebner (University College London, UK) and Carine Sebi (Grenoble Ecole de Management, France) to delve into the question: “How can evaluation insights respond to and inform public debates about the energy transition.
Key discussion points included:

🔍 Hard facts vs. nice narratives: How can we turn hard facts into compelling stories?

📊 Validity of scientific evidence for the public

⚖️ The impartiality of narratives: Should they be? Can they be?

Effective communication is crucial for balancing emotionally engaging narratives with scientifically robust facts, utilizing digital platforms and public forums to bridge the gap between evaluators, policymakers, and the public. Policymakers need clear, actionable results translated from academic research, ensuring broad stakeholder input for transparent and trustworthy policy-making.

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