INDONESIA – Friga Siera Ragina

"She always dreams to have a business or project which works on the enhancement of renewables and energy efficiency, particularly in improving the knowledge and the achievable technology for a community to achieve the SDG's goals. "

Friga Siera Ragina is currently working as a researcher at Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics (IIEE), an institution that works on energy studies and public outreach as its two mainstream scopes of work. She joined IIEE in 2013, and her experience in both areas has shaped her knowledge to formulate a scheme on how to balance regulation with implementation in the energy sector.

In the research field, she has conducted a range of studies, such as an inventory of electricity subsidies in Indonesia, non-geological determinants of unconventional gas production in East Asia, renewable energy for the Indonesian Archipelago, and renewable energy potentials in Amfoang Tengah (a district in East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia). She also has provided technical assistance to North Maluku and Central Kalimantan provinces in preparing their provincial energy planning.
In the public outreach area, she has been involved in the capacity building of district government officials of Amfoang Tengah District regarding procedures to access the "Funds For Village" program for the allocated renewable energy fund. Moreover, she was also involved in the program of "Economic Improvement with Inclusive Community Empowerment Through Renewable Energy-based Center of Knowledge (CoK)", located in West Sumatera Province, Village of Lubuk Gadang Selatan, Wonorejo Sub-village. The program was funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation through Millennium Challenge Account Indonesia in 2016-2018. As the Knowledge Management Manager, she prepared knowledge products on micro hydro management for the local community, and she helped the public outreach program to enhance energy efficiency awareness for students. Currently, she is working on redesigning the program for educating elementary and junior high school students on energy effeiciency in Jakarta city.

Friga Siera obtained her bachelor degree in Technology of Agricultural Industry at Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) in 2003. She recently completed a short training course "Empowering Women as Managers of the Renewable Energy Sector" facilitated by Renewables Academy (RENAC), APEC, Nedworc Foundation and SD Strategies.