BANGLADESH – Dipal Chandra Barua

"I am interested in this area of energy evaluation because of the opportunities for improving the quality of life in the society to build inclusive communities and resilience in the societies. It also helps me to get new ideas and information from different experienced individuals and organizations in this sector."

Dipal Chandra Barua is a pioneer of solar energy in Bangladesh: he is the Founder and Chairman of the Bright Green Energy Foundation and the Former Deputy Managing Director and Co-Founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Mr. Barua has dedicated 35 years for building the Grameen bank. In 1996, he successfully started expanding the renewable energy technology in rural Bangladesh as the Founding Managing Director of Grameen Shakti. He has designed a monthly installment-based financial model at the price of kerosene which has made the Solar Home System affordable for the rural people of Bangladesh, and by following the path Bangladesh has already installed over 5 million Solar Home System in the off grid areas of Bangladesh which is the largest solar program in the world. He has shown that Solar PV technology can be successfully implemented on a mass scale to provide rural people with climate friendly energy, light, income and health. For his innovation and commitment to alternative energy Mr. Barua was awarded the First Zayed Future Energy Prize 2009 from Abu Dhabi, UAE as the first winner of the Prize since its introduction by Abu Dhabi Government, UAE.

Mr. Barua is actively involved in research publication and advocacy to develop and disseminate best practices in the international arena for pro poor finance and energy policy. He also has wide experience in providing advice and consultancy to develop renewable energy technology programs all over the world. Mr. Barua is also a Member of the Steering Committee by Asian Development Bank (ADB) for selecting New Energy Leaders for Asia Pacific region. The New Energy Leaders program brings young clean energy entrepreneurs and innovators from across Asia. It aims to showcase and promote the next generation of entrepreneurs that are shaping the future of the clean energy sector in Asia and Pacific region.
Mr. Barua is active in promoting the involvement of women in renewable energy technologies. He designed and developed village-based Green Technology Centers – an innovative model to create women entrepreneurs in green energy. Approximately 50 centers have been set up in rural areas to train 3,000 young women, many from disadvantaged families, to assemble, promote and repair solar systems.

Mr. Barua is also involved as a principal organizer of a campaign “Responsible use of Electricity” in Bangladesh, so that Bangladesh can reduce the use of fossil fuel-based energy and increase the use of renewable energy in the country. This is another way to create awareness about energy consumption and create a sustainable future.