Presenter resources

Listed below are different documents that will help you to produce your presentation. More documents will be added soon.

Oral presentation (peer-reviewed with a final paper)

Presenters are required to submit a full paper and participate in the peer-review process. Final papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

Please download the final paper instructions to prepare your final paper.

Download the final paper template

Paper Preparation Schedule

By Fri 7 Feb 2020: first draft of your final paper to be submitted via the link in your notification email.

By Mon 24 Feb: you will receive the draft papers of other session speakers.

Mon 24 Feb – Mon 16 March: during this time period, you review the other session speaker’s papers.

No later than 16 March: you have reviewed the papers of other speakers in your session and returned your feedback/ comments to the session moderator.

By Wed 15 April: the session moderator will return to you, your draft paper with any comments to action.

By Tues 5 May: if required, the second draft of your final paper is to be submitted.

Tues 5 May – Tues 19 May: the session moderator will review your second draft paper and determine if more work is required. The moderator may consult with other session authors to prepare additional comments on the paper.

Tues 19 May – Mon 15 June: in conjunction with the session moderator, incorporate any final comments into your final paper.

By Mon 15 June: submit your final paper to your session moderator and upload to the Energy Evaluation Europe speakers portal (a new personalised link will be provided).