PHILIPPINES – Romeo Santos

"We need evaluation to keep us aware of how energy consumption leads to our benefits, while it also alerts us how this consumption leads to our perils."

Romeo is interested in how evaluation can further influence policy-makers and corporate practitioners into getting the right understanding that the true results of energy efficiency programs are not just reducing loss and reaping windfall profits, but that of uplifting the welfare and lives of people.
Romeo Santos strongly believes in the cross and trans-disciplinary fusion of corporate, academia, and community practices. It brings good benefits to individuals and society. After all, living is actually a cross and trans-disciplinary mixture of life pursuits.

Romeo's affiliation with the College of Architecture, University of the Philippines as a professor helps him develop diverse exposure in the industry and international development fields -including community extension services. The evaluation career that he now practices enables him to work in league with practitioners in national government agencies (NGAs); local and international NGOs; the UN, financial intermediaries; development organizations, and many other professionals in the public, private, and plural sectors. He works with the global evaluation community in advancing the cause of evaluation in all disciplines, but specifically in energy efficiency, which is very relevant to his education in architectural engineering.