Michael Reid

"With good evaluation, in 10 years the world will holistically manage energy systems embracing the economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities."

I am a strategist leading initiatives at the intersection of government, community and business to solution social, economic and environmental issues. I have been involved in EEAP since the International Workshop for Asia Energy Efficiency Policy and Program Evaluation held in Beijing in 2015

The jolt of perception is what evaluation is about. Inviting people to see things that may not be immediately evident, or to see things differently

Purposeful evaluation necessarily focuses attention on the sum total of impacts, both positive and negative. This highlights the need to understand and manage impacts with a view beyond the portfolio.

Evaluation prompts deep listening; a willingness to let go of fixed ideas and fosters openness to experimentation and failure. This is a challenging and rewarding way of working that forces a view of the whole and cut across silos.