Melanie Slade

"Mel has spent nearly thirty years in energy efficiency policy development and implementation in many parts of the world. "

She started out working in the UK Government on industrial energy efficiency and has worked with many other governments to establish similar programmes, perhaps most notably, the Government of China in the 1990s.
She also spent six years chairing the Equipment Energy Efficiency Committee – the Australian and New Zealand Government committee overseeing the regulation of minimum energy performance standards and labels for lighting, equipment and appliances. One of the key policies Mel led while in Australia was the phase-out of inefficient lighting. Australia was second only to Cuba in this endeavour and has shared its experience widely both in the developed and developing world.

Mel moved to the International Energy Agency in February 2014 to manage the Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Programme. Mel and her team work with policy makers in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and Ukraine to develop more effective energy efficiency policy, track its progress and assess its potential.