MALAYSIA – Jagathisvaran Ramachandran

"Evaluation makes it easier for everyone to work together to give greater impact to the world"

Jagathisvaran Ramachandran has been Involved in policy making since 2008 in the Malaysian Civil Service. From Women Empowerment and healthcare training management, he is currently in energy trust fund management making progress in evaluating projects pertaining to electricity supply industries.
Evaluation will be able to help us to determine whether energy efficiency programs are working, and if not effective, how we can improve them to make them better for our communities and environment.

By evaluation, we will be able to have a systematic approach and method into the value of achieving the goal of improving outcomes for whole community and in particularly energy sector.
Jagathisvaran believes that implementation of evaluation in every programs and projects will help to improve efficiency and the best outcome can be seen especially in the Sustainable Development Goals.