Kevin Cooney

"In 10 years, we can reduce energy requirements across the spectrum, and make the energy that is required as clean as technically possible."

I've been involved with improving the development and utilization of energy resources for over 25 years, including conducting numerous evaluations of utility and state EE/DSM programs. I've worked with various organizations to develop uniform methods and standards for consistent, high quality evaluation. This led to assisting both the European evaluation community and now the growing Asian evaluation community to develop proven evaluation practices of investments in all kinds of energy

To assure that investments in efficiency and clean energy have the greatest impact, it is important to develop clear metrics and review progress toward established goals regularly.

Evaluation is a key component of the investment lifecycle. While working to develop energy investment strategies, it has proven critical to assure evaluation is part of the process.

As policy makers and investors recognize how more efficient energy use can improve the lives of constituents while creating economic value, building evaluation into planning will be recognized.

It is an area where I can contribute and make a difference. I've been fortunate to have a strong technical education, and to learn from people from all over the world. Fostering strong evaluation practices can help others see the full value of a transition to efficient clean energy systems