INDONESIA – Tubagus Iqbal

"In the next ten years the world will be more balanced in energy security, the use of renewable energy is more dominant in the energy mix, compliance in the use of advanced technology, more efficient and more sustainable"

Currently, Tubagus Iqbal is an Ambassador for Energy Evaluation Asia Pacific and an affiliate at the Centre for Energy Security Studies, Indonesia Defense University. He is working with colleagues around the world in developing a community of evaluators of energy programs in the Asia Pacific.
Evaluation is a sequence in the process that is very important because it ensures sustainability for a cycle to get improvement. Through this improvement, the quality of life will increase over time. Evaluation in the field of energy will ensure that the quality of life is improving, using the development of new technologies based on the assessment of previous technologies.

Effective evaluation will lead to many opportunities in the private and public sectors in the design, implementation, and evaluation of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs and policies.
The area of energy evaluation is interesting because it opens the opportunities for improving society. Tubagus is excited about working with new and experienced individuals and organizations in this effort. Hopefully, his contribution to the future of the world, and especially to his country Indonesia, will bring Indonesia to be similar to developed countries through future-oriented and sustainable programs and policies.