CANADA – Marie Couture-Roy

"Independent program evaluation is essential to objectively measure energy savings and improve programs and their impact."

Marie Couture-Roy is the Program Evaluation Director at Econoler, an international consulting firm with 35 years of experience in the design, implementation, evaluation and financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and projects. She has extensive experience in the energy efficiency sector and more specifically in the evaluation of energy management programs both in Canada and abroad. Marie has participated in the evaluation of numerous energy efficiency programs in most provinces around Canada, as well as on the international market (Mexico and Chile), to measure energy impacts and help improve processes, among other.
With the ultimate goals of shifting the market toward more EE technologies and transforming behaviors, ratepayer-funded programs represent one of the most successful and cost-effective solutions to reducing energy usage and fighting climate change. Achieving these objectives requires regular program evaluations to continuously improve impacts on the market and ensure programs are on track to cost-effectively achieving long-term objectives.