BHUTAN – Karma Namgyel

"Care for the world we live in? Or dig graves in oblivion. We are all very much part and parcel of humankind and the entire life system in this best part of the universe called “Earth”. Each and every one must care and do the share no matter how small."

Karma Namgyel comes from Bhutan, and he takes environment and nature seriously and know what it is to Bhutan and the world. Energy efficiency is one of the best ways to move forward responsibly in this age of Climate Change. He is very interested in areas of green, sustainable technologies and energy efficiency in buildings, and he is currently initiating and promoting such importance in Bhutan. "It is a noble responsibility to pursue and I hope to learn more with every step and experience, and give the best possible back to our society and the world. JOIN HANDS TO MAKE ALL POSSIBLE."